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We are a company of ambitious thinkers.
The question is: do you want to join us?

Think it.

At reMarkable we are building a company with the brightest talents. People who don’t necessarily go with the flow, but think differently, want to influence and who dare to explore new avenues.

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Paper is the best tool for thinking

When we read, draw or write on paper we can be creative, give our thoughts free rein and focus in a world full of digital distractions. Our goal is to recreate these qualities, while maintaining the benefits of digitalisation in the form of collaboration, work flows and smart tools. We want to help people think better.

About reMarkable

Want it.

We want to attract people who truly want to influence, succeed and who push the boundaries. We believe in a digital future where people can maintain focus and be present – and we fight for what we believe in.

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As an employee, you won’t just be part of a team – you will be adding something important.

Gain a unique opportunity to work on tasks that most people will think are impossible to achieve. With a product we own ourselves. At a company that helps people all over the world to think better. What are you waiting for?

Our departments

Do it.

reMarkable is a workplace where everyone can influence the company’s direction, story and success. Influencing is about working for a company where you are allowed to do what you really believe in.

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Henrik is one of the reasons why reMarkable made the cover of TIME magazine

There are 450 reasons for reMarkable’s success. Get to know some of them.

Our histories
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