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That real paper feeling

reMarkable was launched in 2016. Three years earlier, CEO and founder Magnus Wanberg got the idea for his invention after seeing how colleagues still preferred to write notes on paper, even though they had smartphones and laptops available. Why did they cling on to that paper feeling?

The reason is simple. Paper allows you to work without constraints and distractions, and helps you focus. The problem is that analogue paper is completely divorced from the expanding, and omnipresent, digital world.

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We fight for what we believe in

Is it a binary choice? Pencil or screen? Paper or iPad? Could we retain all the benefits of paper, and all the strengths of a digital tablet, but weed out the digital distractions that impede focus and concentration? In 2013, the newly established reMarkable set out to create the best of both worlds – a digital paper experience. It was to become the world’s first digital paper tablet for reading, writing and drawing. An elegant tool for better thinking in a digital age.

We believe that focus and concentration are powerful qualities that are now more important than ever. In a digital world full of distractions and diversions, we can struggle to maintain focus, concentration and control. We fight to maintain presence and mastery.

With emphasis on ambition

Our reMarkable 2 has been named one of the hundred best innovations of 2020. We are going for explosive growth.

At reMarkable, we set sky-high ambitions to achieve goals that few would think possible. We have launched the second version of our paper tablet, and from our perspective, this is just the beginning. We are embarking on a global journey to help people think better by using technology, and have the brightest talents to help us.

Helping develop a product aimed at the world market is not only incredibly challenging and exciting, it is an opportunity that rarely presents itself here in Norway. We are constantly expanding, and we need more ambitious thinkers who want to influence.

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