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Strategy is responsible for the company’s general direction and journey. Together we build the path to the goal.

The strategy department’s mission is to ensure that reMarkable moves in the right direction and at the right pace. Everyone at reMarkable works to achieve a common goal, but it is our job to make the path to the goal a reality.

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Our disciplines

Chief Executive Officer

Phil Hess

Business Strategy

We determine our vision and ambitions for reMarkable and draw the map that will guide us to success. We work to make the right decisions and prompt the right initiatives so that we reach our goals.

Kristin Jahren
Chief Strategy Officer

Strategic Initiative

We lead and support strategic initiatives across reMarkable. The teams we put together are always multidisciplinary, and our mission is to take care of the strategic aspects of the initiative. We place special emphasis on the ability to identify important success factors, and how these play out with the rest of reMarkable. The strategic initiatives often have a commercial aspect.

Kristine Austgulen
Acting Chief Commercial Officer

Product and Service Management

The world and markets are changing rapidly, and our mission is to seize the opportunities offered by these changes. Our products and services are the core of what we deliver as a company. We determine the direction for where we are going with our products and services, and define how we work on product development.

Magnus Gran-Jansen
VP Strategy


We make sure that we always have an overview of the company’s financial prospects and take care of the purse strings. Through our unique ability to turn the most diffuse thoughts, dreams and ideas into numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, we can nudge our colleagues in the right direction, and ensure that the financial arrows continue their heavenly trajectory.

Mikkel Ektvedt
Chief Financial Officer


There can be a fine line between success and failure, but the line will be wider if we are proactive and minimise risk. Our Legal department ensures that reMarkable complies with laws and regulations, participates in negotiating major agreements with international suppliers and has a special responsibility to identify and protect intellectual property rights such as our patents, design rights and trademarks. We advise and clarify risk, and view the law as a tool to create opportunities for the company.

Laila Myksvoll
General Counsel

Campus Management

Our mission is to create the best possible conditions for a smooth, efficient and rewarding workday. All our employees have an important role and an opportunity to influence – we give them the opportunity to perform.

Haakon Knoph
Chief Organizational Officer

People and Culture

If we want the best thinkers, we must first attract them. To create good products and experiences, we must put our brains and hearts into our work. Our mission is therefore to create a culture that ensures the above and where each individual employee is seen and feels valued.

Haakon Knoph
Chief Organizational Officer


Our mission is to lead the IT strategy and architecture work and develop, manage and operate the IT solution portfolio. We ensure that reMarkable establishes future-oriented, flexible and scalable IT solutions that support a customer-centric business model.

Per Thomas Indrelid
Chief Information Officer


We strive to create the best possible shopping experience for everyone who visits Insight and continuous testing of technical solutions, messages and designs are at the heart of everything we do.

Alf Gunnar Heggeseth
VP Strategy

Who we are

We work to ensure that the company’s vision and goals are clear and accessible to all employees, and that we have everything we need to succeed. We ensure that our brand and our company scale in the best possible way, while maintaining our unique inclusive, innovative and social culture. Because a brand is never worth more than in its employees.

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