A reMarkableMarketing department

Marketing ensures that people around the world notice us, understand what we offer and want to make reMarkable part of their lives.

The marketing department’s mission is to understand the needs and dreams of our potential customers and translate these into effective marketing. We work data-driven, hypothesis-based and iteratively to constantly reach more people in our target group, and engage and convert these from notebook writers to enthusiastic users of reMarkable.

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Our disciplines

Chief Marketing Officer

Magnus Heimsjø

Marketing Strategy and Brand

We establish strategies that ensure that reMarkable achieves its short- and long-term sales goals. We continuously develop value propositions and brands, ensure consistent presentation across channels and we are responsible for ensuring that all consumer-oriented activities are characterised by a high level of marketing professionalism.

Magnus Heimsjø
Chief Marketing Officer

Performance & CRO

Performance and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) are a key part of the reMarkable growth engine. We work data-driven and iteratively with content production and placing ads in digital channels with the aim of maximising earnings per invested krone.

Sigurd Gran-Jansen
VP Marketing

Marketing Content

We create quality content that engages all our digital channels, whether photos, video or text. We are hands-on, and create all production for our own channels ourselves!

Anders Ingebrigtsen
VP Marketing


We are reMarkable’s voice to the outside world, whether customers, investors or the media. Our PR team works with partners all over the world to ensure that reMarkable, and our vision and product attract the attention of our target group, whether through traditional media, ambassadors or partnerships.

Henrik Faller
VP Communications

Marketing Development

We lead complex and critical marketing projects across the company. Typical subject areas are company wide projects, new business, brand strategy, product strategy, and channel strategy.

Sonja Haugen
VP Marketing

Group photo of marketing department

Who we are

Our mission is to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Our goal is to create valuable communication. In other words, our content should be more attractive and inviting than what people would normally watch on TV on a Saturday night.

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