A reMarkableCRM department

We recognise the importance of our customers, and we strive continuously to understand their needs – in order to create a common language.

The CRM department’s philosophy is simple: Customer first. Our mission is to gather information from the company’s various departments and create a holistic and uniform understanding of each individual customer. This knowledge enables us to implement usability and customer understanding from the very first thought and internet search.

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Our specialist departments

Chief Supply Chain Officer

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Customer Support

Our goal is to enable each individual customer to reach us, and get answers to their questions, effectively and clearly. We make ourselves available to our customers – on the channels they prefer.

Customer Strategy

Our mission is to really understand our customers. What motivates them? What do they value? Why do they want to use a reMarkable? When we understand our customers and what drives them, we can increase the value of our customer portfolio.

Data Analysis

If you have many customer contacts, it is virtually impossible to remember every interaction. That’s why it is important to have good digital tools that give us a precise overview of our customers. Our goal is to understand each individual behind the endless stream of anonymous numbers.

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

Our mission is to strengthen the loyalty and trust of each individual customer. Strong relationships lead to higher customer satisfaction – our goal is to gather knowledge about our customers so that we can build enduring and good relationships with them and other like-minded people.

Who we are

In the CRM department, we know that maintaining the right focus on all our customers results in increased growth and profitability. We are motivated by helping our customers throughout the journey, and by ensuring that our customers’ ambitions are realised by our services and products. By responding to their needs and dreams, we create a brand that truly speaks to them in a language they understand.

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