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Technology is about more than just thingamajigs and gadgets. For us, it is about proactively meeting people’s needs in an ever-changing world.

The Technology department’s mission is to solve the impossible, and make the unthinkable possible. We create technology that not only describes our vision, but makes people better thinkers. We want to combine the best of both worlds: the digital and the analogue, and to create tools that enhance learning, focus and presence. We create consumer technology without digital distractions.

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Our disciplines

Chief Technology Officer

Nicolas Cormier

Cloud & Web

Our mission is to make the website solutions and applications inviting, professional and intuitive. Technology is inherently scalable, and scalability is our most important tool for creating advanced functionalities that are perceived as both natural and flexible by all our customers.

Jerome Ginss
VP Technology


Our mission is to create functionality and solve critical problems that improve focus and aid better thinking. Many services promise to make your life easier, but there is only one technology that promises you fewer distractions and more focus in everyday life.

Frederik Gladhorn
VP Technology


High quality is not only an important competitive factor, it is also a question of ambition. Our mission is to establish good procedures and automated systems that assure quality – and enable our ambition to make people think better.

Stian Ødegård
Principal Unit Lead


Our tablet should not only imitate paper, it should give the experience of paper. We are responsible for the operating system and drivers that support the functionalities, and the features we want a paper tablet to have. It is our job to add analogue strengths to digital solutions.

Patrick Hisni Brataas
VP Technology


We strive for continual improvement, always seeking perfection. Our mission is to follow up, and test, new and exciting technology that may be relevant to our products. Our vision of creating a focused digital experience is what makes us different – if not unique.

Tor Aleksander Birk
VP Technology


Flow is important when developing, delivering and managing world-class applications and services. Flow’s mission is to help our development teams get into the flow zone. We do this by developing our flexible working methodology and removing obstacles to flow.

Terje Lassen
SVP Engineering

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Who we are

We know that interaction between humans and technology can make the impossible possible. We work hard to preserve human creativity in a world full of technological time thieves. Creative thinking is constructive thinking – and this is what we work to reinforce.

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