Tribe Talks

Despite reMarkable's rapid growth, we've maintained our unique organizational structure and dynamic approach, which consists of 6-9 week sprints that empower us to work at a fast pace on multiple projects, change direction quickly, and continuously reflect, learn and improve. We organize ourselves within four "supertribes," each focusing on a different area of business: Care and Operations, Market, Product, and Strategy.

Each supertribe consists of smaller tribes, which are made up of several teams. Within our tribe structure, teams are interdisciplinary and consist of members from our six departments - fixed areas divided up by subject expertise. This allows each team to remain independent and self-sufficient while still allowing for the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experience throughout the company.

Although it may look confusing at first glance, we truly believe that this distinctive style of collaboration is a massive part of our success. That's why we've created reMarkable Tribe Talks so that you can get to know each supertribe, what they do, and what they hope to achieve.

The Care and Operations supertribe works with manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and customer care to ensure the right quantity and quality of devices are produced, stocked, and delivered to our customers. COPS is also responsible for enabling the return of products and arranging for those returns to be repaired or refurbished.

The Market supertribe defines and delivers messaging and content aimed at attracting potential customers to our brand, products, and services. The Market supertribe also arranges promotional activities, optimizes our website, builds and nurtures the reMarkable community, and manages the different sales channels: e-commerce, business sales, and retail.

The Product supertribe designs, develops, tests, and maintains all hardware and software, as well as the services we provide to our customers. The Product supertribe also works with product strategy, concepts, and product innovation and development.

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The Strategy supertribe sets our overall strategic direction, creates our legal framework, secures financing, drives recruiting, and ensures we all have the tools and resources needed to thrive at work.

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