reMarkable has 6 departments

Get to know our departments

  • Design

    We work with one of the most important drivers of perceived value and customer loyalty.

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  • Technology

    We are proactive in meeting the needs of people in an ever-changing world.

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  • CRM

    We recognise the importance of our customers, and continuously strive to understand their needs.

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  • Marketing

    We make sure that people around the world notice us.

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  • Supply chain

    We build the path from ambition to finished product – step by step.

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  • Strategy

    We are responsible for company’s general direction and journey.

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An ambitious team

reMarkable is a different kind of workplace, and our vision of helping people think better has captured the world’s imagination.

reMarkable has a fantastic work environment that offers dedication, motivation and exciting challenges. We are a committed and dynamic team with ambitious aims, and we give each employee a unique opportunity to influence our developing story.

Help create history

All our employees have an impact on our journey and leave their own mark on our history. We work hard to maintain a healthy, motivating and fun culture – where everyone feels included and valued.

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