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A reMarkableSupply chain department

Value is created from multiple building blocks. We build the path from ambition to finished product – step by step.

Supply chains can be vulnerable, an Achilles heel for the unfortunate. Our mission is to build a global value chain that not only enables our vision for better thinking, but that ensures quality at all levels. Our goal is for each building block to take us one step closer to our vision.

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Our disciplines

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Eivind Breiby

Planning and Control

Our mission is to understand demand and ensure that we have enough products to meet customer needs globally, and across markets. We coordinate the global value chain and work closely with all suppliers. We provide a flexible value chain, with scalable options.

Dag E. Gotteberg Haartveit
VP Supply Chain

Sourcing and Procurement

Our mission is to identify exciting technology and quality-conscious suppliers that enable ground-breaking product innovations. We negotiate prices and conditions, and establish contracts with a global supplier network. We give the green light for our global journey.

Svein-Ove Sørheim Lyngbø
VP Supply Chain

Quality Assurance and Production

We make high demands of ourselves, and of our partners – together we build technology for better thinking. We work to ensure that our suppliers and products meet the highest quality standards, so that our vision is realised every time a product is put together.

Tobias Strand Johansen
VP Supply Chain


Our job is to ensure that all products and orders are delivered on time, in the right condition, and in the preferred way in over 40 countries – whether for a private online customer, company, distributor or retailer. Proper and efficient return handling is just as important to us as it is to our customers – we want all products to be given new life, and for our footprint to be as small as possible.

Fredrik Stokke
VP Supply Chain

Product Introductions

Our job is to turn new ideas into prototypes, and into finished products. We ensure that new product projects are completed at the agreed time, cost and quality – and that production can be scaled to meet demand and quality requirements. Every step, and every idea, should be worth the effort and worth our footprint.

Tobias Strand Johansen
VP Supply chain

Who we are

We transform good solutions into a physical and holistic product. We tie up the loose ends, and ensure that the idea is transformed into a tool for better thinking in the hands of our customers. An effective value chain is a key building block for all ideas.

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