Meet our new employee, Audun Stien!

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Name: Audun Stien

Job title: Senior Visual Designer

Education: BA in Graphic Design

Professional background: After graduating, I worked in the advertising and design industry. After a few years in advertising agencies, I was ready to experience a new environment, so I started as a consultant at Bekk. I stayed at Bekk for four years working on several small- and large-scale projects.

When did you first hear about reMarkable?

It goes way back, very early in reMarkable's journey. Back in 2014, the founders needed some design help, so they asked me. I was introduced to the concept and their ambitions. At that time, a physical product hadn’t existed yet, and they didn't call themselves reMarkable. I remember thinking how cool it seemed and it piqued my curiosity.

Since then, I've kept track and watched the company grow. It has succeeded beyond expectations. In the end, it felt strange not to join. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

What made you choose reMarkable?

A Norwegian company that creates its own hardware and earns international success is awe-inspiring, and of course, a huge incentive for joining. Another factor was the highly ambitious vision statement. reMarkable is already a success story, but the company's potential is still immense, and its future is full of possibilities.

What’s the most significant difference between reMarkable and your previous employer?

I've often built web pages and developed solutions for apps. So the big difference is to work on a physical device with so many limitations. However, these limitations and restrictions create some fascinating possibilities and challenges that I can't wait to tackle.

My previous job was in consulting, where I’d work on a project over a defined period, and then other people would often complete it. Never following a project from start to finish can sometimes be a bit disheartening. At reMarkable, you're part of everything and working towards a long-term goal.

Now that we are back at the office, how would you describe the culture?

I immediately got a good impression. It seems like everyone is helpful, cheerful, and passionate about doing great work.

I also knew a few people at reMarkable before I applied. They are all so dedicated and experienced. Learning from and working with each of them were reasons for me to start working here.

Honestly, I'm a bit of a nerd. I just renovated a house and love quality materials. I believe reMarkable has done an excellent job with their offices. They manage to keep the original features and raw materials while also making them modern and timeless. It's thorough and on-brand, manifesting their “better thinking” philosophy for different people and processes.

Finally, what are some of your goals as Senior Visual Designer?

My main goal is to establish a solid visual language across all devices and services to make people think better. I’d also like to create a better design system, and I want to challenge everything.

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