Meet our new employee, Christian Forsén Bisbo!

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Name: Christian Forsén Bisbo

Job Title: Senior UX Designer, App Tribe

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Web Development from Business Academy Aarhus in Denmark

Professional background: I started my career studying multimedia design. On top of that, I earned a bachelor’s degree in web development. It was supposed to teach me everything – marketing, programming, and UI/UX design. It's pretty hard to know it all, so I decided to focus on design. It became clear that design was my true passion. While studying, I started designing mobile apps with some programmers I met to get more hands-on experience. Before joining reMarkable, I worked as a UI/UX designer for a Danish game development company for seven years.

When did you first hear about reMarkable?

I moved to Norway about a year ago, but I knew of reMarkable before that. I guess I'd seen ads and read about them in different tech magazines.

I liked the company's purpose. Plus, I'm a gadget nerd. Growing up, I remember all the super cool devices in James Bond and Batman movies. I also had so many phones that it's almost embarrassing, and at that time, I read a ton of tech magazines.

The reMarkable paper tablet is different, though. It's innovative and forward thinking even though it's based on pretty old-fashioned technology. It's the best of both worlds, and that is unique and super exciting to me.

What made you choose reMarkable?

I’d been working with game design for seven years. While it was cool to develop games people loved, I felt ready for more complex challenges. I'm excited to be a part of something more serious, something more meaningful. Game technology and design are all about creating something different from the competitors, some cool plug-ins or just a distinctive looking universe, but the primary goal is to make money and entertain. 

reMarkable is different. You can see how this product can help people in their everyday lives and how the brand can make a difference by making people think and work better without any distractions.

Has reMarkable lived up to your expectations?

Yes, even more than expected. reMarkable is excellent at creating expectations, but they are even better at living up to them.

I have met only cheerful and bright people who are passionate about their work. When I worked in Denmark, I considered myself lucky as an employee regarding social investments and culture, but it seems even better here. They have an extremely high standard, and they understand the importance of having fun with your coworkers.

Finally, what are some of your goals as Senior UX Designer?

Well, meeting the users’ needs is the bare minimum. A great UX designer is a forward thinker who doesn't just settle for executing the design but strives for optimal results.

Another goal is to think proactively, by testing, asking the right questions, and doing thorough research. We need to understand our users' needs, what they don’t need, and, most importantly, what they don't know they need.

I want to help create even more magical experiences when using reMarkable by making it more intuitive, faster, and more enjoyable—paired with the distraction-free experience that allows for better thinking.

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