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Henrik, VP of Communications, is one of the reasons why reMarkable made the cover of TIME magazine

Nearly three years ago, Henrik was at the world’s biggest technology conference in Las Vegas. At the conference, tech companies from all over the world presented their products to journalists, including some from TIME magazine.

“I had a conversation with a journalist from TIME magazine. He found reMarkable to be a refreshing product that he wanted to try.”

January 2020 saw the launch of reMarkable 2, the world’s thinnest paper tablet. Journalists around the globe have tested the product and requested interviews. TIME magazine was one of them.

“Each year, TIME magazine publishes a list of the 100 Best Inventions of the Year. They sent us an email saying they wanted to nominate us for the list. Patrick, the journalist, remembered us from the conference three years ago.”

An issue of Time Magazine with the headline "The Best Inventions"

Putting Norway on the map

The journalists at TIME were among the first to test the new product. At the end of November, two days before the magazine was published, reMarkable learned that it was included in the list.

“... And not only were we included, but we were also on the cover. TIME is one of the most renowned magazines in the world. This was a huge acknowledgement. I don’t know any other tech company in Norway that has been on the cover of TIME.”

reMarkable has a clear communication strategy that involves long-term brand building. The company must be involved in the right things – not in everything.

“I think our strategy actually makes it easier for journalists, because they can try the product themselves. We say no quite often. We’re not interested in getting the most attention – we want the best possible attention. We get involved in things that will build our brand, and that are seen as trustworthy.”

An issue of Time Magazine with the headline "The Best Inventions" laying on a table
A picture of the reMarkable 2 in Time Magazine's "Best Inventions 2020"

Not for everyone

reMarkable has a large customer base on the east and west coasts of the United States, including Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. In a Zoom interview with immunologist Anthony Fauci, Zuckerberg could be seen diligently making notes on his reMarkable.

“We don’t try to be like everyone else or create a tablet that suits most people. We want to create a product that works best for those who want to focus and write, which provides a good angle to describe the product. Although it may not be for everyone, it’s a good fit for many. The fact that Zuckerberg is a customer shows we’re on our way to achieving something big.”

Culture that creates opportunities

At reMarkable, employees collaborate across departments, and there’s a strong focus on internal transparency. All employees have a good overview of the steps the company needs to take at any given time.

“Cross-departmental information sharing is both useful and inspiring. It makes it possible to offer advice to other departments. This allows us to move in the same direction, which is very powerful. The most important thing for the company is not each employee’s tasks, but rather how we work together to achieve our next goal.”

reMarkable is a high-growth company. Our challenge is to do the right things to ensure that we identify all opportunities. At reMarkable, focusing on culture is one of our most important priorities to ensure that this strong growth continues.

“reMarkable is about working hard together to solve truly difficult problems. Being engaged and growing together and individually is crucial to the culture we want to create. I hope to help create a culture and workplace where we can challenge and motivate one another every day.”

Are you our next Henrik

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