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Jannicke, Head of Retail, is one of the reasons why reMarkable opened a store in collaboration with Snøhetta

From vision to reality

What strategic initiatives should we focus on to enable reMarkable to achieve its sky-high ambitions? One area with significant potential is retail. Lofty ambitions, visions, and ideas must be transformed into good customer experiences in the store. Jannicke was given this responsibility.

“Retail is a strategic initiative that we strongly believe in. How will this area work for us, both nationally and internationally? We decided to develop this initiative to test it out and learn.”

Jannicke began the process of strategic planning and found relevant partners. It didn’t take long before the team decided to open a physical store. They developed the concept, design, and everything necessary for opening a store in just ten weeks. On 1 December, customers were able to come in and experience the brand at Øvre Slottsgate 18–20.

A unique experience

reMarkable aims high. Dedication and a passion for getting things done will motivate employees to roll up their sleeves and do their utmost to reach their goals.

“There are few workplaces where everyone is truly passionate about achieving the company’s objectives. At reMarkable, everyone is engaged and believes in what we want to accomplish. The way everyone listens to each other, supports each other, and lends a hand when needed is truly unique. This is an incredible team.”

There is a high demand for consumer electronics, and interest is rising. Yet many are abandoning physical retail stores. Jannicke believes that this is due to new demands by consumers. She is certain that physical retail will continue to play an important role in the future, but in a different way.

“We need to think outside the box and offer experiences you can’t get on digital surfaces. Retail is about interacting with the brand, and we want to create a unique experience outside the digital world. That is why this collaboration with Snøhetta seemed right for us. We wanted the best on our team.”

At reMarkable, we are always working to bring in the best advisors and partners. Because we think we will benefit from this. We want access to resources that can shape us into a stronger team and company. Snøhetta is one of the best companies in Norway, and it is also world renowned. By working with them, we have the opportunity to learn from the best.

Better Thinking

reMarkable 2 is a unique physical experience of paper and technology that many have heard of but have not had the opportunity to try. The core of reMarkable’s marketing is the idea that it is like writing on paper. It was therefore important to offer a physical store that offers the chance to test the product. Customers will have the opportunity to experience this vision up close. It should be possible to get to know the brand without distractions.

“We can really see the value in having people try the product and getting the full experience of what we are talking about in our digital channels. We believe in bringing people into a physical room to test the product, experience the brand and become acquainted with our vision.”

reMarkable is never better than its employees

reMarkable has a strong focus on testing and learning, in order to acquire new knowledge. Employees work together in multidisciplinary teams, where they can challenge one another and maintain an open dialogue about what they learn and what is essential moving forward. This is about learning from the stores to find out what works. The goal is to scale retail operations for the international stage.

“The most rewarding aspect of my role is building a good team. I want to be a trusted sparring partner and help everyone develop and support each other, because reMarkable is never better than the people on our team.”

Are you our next Jannicke

All our employees have an impact on our journey and contribute to our history. We work hard to maintain a healthy, motivating, and fun culture, where everyone feels included and valued.

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