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Julie, Senior Facilities Manager & Project Coordinator, is one of the reasons why reMarkable is one of Norway’s coolest workplaces

A place to belong

When Julie started working at reMarkable in 2018, she was one of 30 employees. Today, there are over 340 colleagues. Her focus has remained steady. She aims to build and enhance a culture where everyone can develop and thrive.

“My role at the company was more operational at first, but it has developed at an incredible speed in a short time. Today, my tasks are more varied, but basically my position involves creating special places and exciting situations for everyone at reMarkable.”

When reMarkable moved into “Villa Biermann” in Grünerløkka, the idea was to create a unique place. A place for strong commitment, hard work, variation, and good relationships.

“My responsibility was to ensure that the offices were functional, with an emphasis on design. People should be able to do many different things at work – to perform their work in a way that is good and rewarding, but also relax and enjoy themselves.”

The coffee kitchen at Villa Biermann

What helps you do your best work?

Both Villa Biermann and our new offices on Thorvald Meyers gate have many different zones. Julie says that the zones are based on requests and insight from employees.

“We’re all different. Some work best in peace and quiet, while others love to be surrounded by people and noise. We try to listen to our employees, so all personality types have the space they need to do their best work.”

A reMarkable culture

reMarkable is a high-growth company. In 2021, we grew from 142 to 228 employees, and we are still recruiting. Julie says that this strong growth creates new needs and demands different solutions.

“It’s almost like working in a new company each quarter. Needs and roles are always changing. That’s why we’re looking for dedicated people who view their work as more than just a job. You have to be prepared to give a little extra when working in an organization that is constantly evolving.”

At reMarkable, the goal is not to become too comfortable or locked into a role. Instead, the aim is to adapt and work to become even better. The concept that characterizes the workplace is perfect for this purpose, as it encourages engagement, collaboration, and activity. A place you can stay focused and explore opportunities.

“It is never boring, and no two months are the same. Things are happening all the time, with lots of exciting opportunities and challenges all around. We moved into new office landscapes and opened a pop-up store in the middle of a pandemic. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of both.”

The reception at Villa Bierman
Wall painting in the reMarkable office

Only as good as our employees

reMarkable has always maintained a strong focus on culture and relationship building. We give resources to end-of-phase parties, summer gatherings, surprise trips, and other social events. Social aspects are always important to us, which is perhaps why we’ve maintained such a strong culture while other things have changed.

“My aim is to protect and build our culture, regardless of how big we become. We were small with few employees when I started, but I took a chance, and I honestly could not have made a better choice. This is a step in the right direction for my career, and I have learned an incredible amount from all the amazing people I work with. I want my new colleagues to experience the same thing.”

Are you our next Julie

All our employees have an impact on our journey and contribute to our history. We work hard to maintain a healthy, motivating, and fun culture, where everyone feels included and valued.

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