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Mariana, Design Research, is one of the reasons why we completed more than 1,000 user interviews during the development of reMarkable 2

Mariana smiling in the sunset

It’s all about people

Our vision involves getting people to think better. The purpose of working with user interviews and insight is to understand how people can think better. What type of behaviour is behind this, and what sort of needs should be covered?

When Mariana started at reMarkable three years ago, she had a broad remit in design. Today, her main focus is on customer insight and understanding their needs. Her team is working to ensure that we can create the experience our customers want and a product they need.

“When we interview people, they often tell us indirectly what they want. Our job is to understand the context and realise what they actually want and need. You can’t always get that with simple yes or no questions. Qualitative interviews have always been, and still are, very important to us.”

Writing is thinking

Before the launch of reMarkable 2, the team was hard at work on insight and testing prototypes.

“This was confidential, so we established an internal group comprised of friends, acquaintances and family. Everything we did was tested on a group we trusted and knew. This meant that we had more freedom for testing. We tested concepts, drafts, materials, colours, systems and 3D prints of the product and its accessories. I don’t even remember how many tests we ran, but we tested throughout, and this is how we acquired insight.”

Mariana has been involved in testing and developing the writing surface, which should feel like writing on paper. Our first tests were conducted with analogue pens and sheets of paper to learn how people prefer to write. We quickly discovered that people have different preferences, and we continued our tests. This was important to us. The writing experience was key.

“We must understand our customers’ behaviour, conduct and use of technology. People’s lives are complex, and to understand how to think better, we must observe, listen, and comprehend. We must then explore reactions to the unknown through repeated tests – in this case, the writing experience itself on different surfaces. My team and I become the voice of our customers, which must be heard and understood in everything we do. We promise that our services will help you focus and think. And this is precisely what we must deliver.

A different pace

Throughout her career, Mariana has largely worked for major companies in Norway, as a project consultant. She says there are four things that make her workday at reMarkable different.

“The first difference is the opportunity to be influential. The second is that you are a part of something bigger. The third involves the pace, and that things happen quickly. I find this extremely exciting. The fourth is that we are highly structured. We always hold meetings with all employees about things that are happening across the company. There are specific goals for the year, and everyone is informed and has the opportunity to contribute. These are the reasons I really love my job at reMarkable.”

Mariana smiling in the sunset

Are you our next Mariana

All our employees have an impact on our journey and contribute to our history. We work hard to maintain a healthy, motivating, and fun culture, where everyone feels included and valued.

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