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Susanne, People & Culture, is one of the reasons why reMarkable has grown from 3 to 342 employees in just five years

Intense, but exciting

Susanne began working with recruitment at reMarkable in 2018. Since then, her work assignments have developed with lightning speed.

“I’ve been given the chance for a more rapid career development here than I would anywhere else. Instead of working my way up, slowly but surely, in a more traditional organisation, I have moved from operational and administrative tasks to working with strategic projects in the field of HR, organisation and culture in just three years.”

Today, Susanne’s title is Organisational Developer. She has two primary areas of responsibility – internal communication and employee engagement. Susanne is also responsible for the company’s diversity strategy – an area she is passionate about.

“I was the first employee who was responsible for recruitment. During my first year, I hired 35 people. I was also given responsibility for all HR-related tasks in a rapidly expanding organisation. These were tasks I had never had before. It was pretty intense, but exciting. The learning curve has been incredibly steep! I have been allowed to implement new initiatives, such as the establishment of platforms for internal communication, as well as strategies for diversity and equality, while maintaining independent responsibility for this work. That makes me proud!”

Norway’s biggest social activities budget?

Susanne says that even though the company has grown a great deal in a short amount of time, it has always managed to retain its core culture.

“We may have Norway’s biggest social activities budget. We spend a lot of money on having fun. Before Covid-19, we went on trips abroad twice a year. We attended a Halloween party in Budapest, the Highland Games in Edinburgh, and a circus festival in Amsterdam. We also have regular parties in Oslo, where employees vote on the theme. This is only limited by our collective imagination! We have always invested a lot of money in arranging social events, where we celebrate our work and commitment.”

A shared ambition

There is no single type of personality that fits for reMarkable. Everyone is included. However, Susanne says that qualities such as humility and a team spirit are important. Individualists rarely fit with a company working towards a common goal and with a strong internal culture.

“We have always been intent on avoiding ‘prima donnas’ and brash personalities. I think it’s important to find highly skilled colleagues who are not ambitious for the sake of ambition – but who are instead passionate about the project. We are doing this as a team.”

reMarkable was a very different company three years ago. Susanne describes her first meeting with the office as like entering a leisure club with a very informal atmosphere. At the same time, the gang had broken all kinds of records.

“There was so much focus on the product! Although on the surface, it didn’t quite match what I had envisioned for my career and ambitions – people in suits in pristine offices with glass walls – they were so determined and focused, and they had achieved results to prove that what they did worked.”

reMarkable works in sprints of eight to ten weeks. Before and after each sprint, the entire company gathers to plan and evaluate the work. This means that everyone always knows what the rest of the company is working on, and has insight into areas such as software development, customer relations or design.

“Although I have one of the less product-oriented functions, I still have the insight that allows me to explain our technology in relative depth. I feel this is unique.”

When I get old

reMarkable is a Norwegian company that has managed to achieve something few Norwegians have ever done: successfully placed an electronic consumer product out on the global market.

This is a Norwegian technological odyssey, and it’s important to come along on the ride – because who knows when there will be another chance?

“When I get old, and reMarkable has become the global technology company we aim to be – a company equal to Apple or Samsung – I can tell my future grandchildren: You know what? I was actually involved in building that!”

Are you our next Susanne

All our employees have an impact on our journey and contribute to our history. We work hard to maintain a healthy, motivating, and fun culture, where everyone feels included and valued.

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